HONX MUSIC – Your Entertainment Partner ! HONX MUSIC provides you with a "one-stop" service for artists, labels and creatives of any  kind, tailored to your needs.  As a service and consulting company HONX MUSICs portfolio ranges from music management  and project management, marketing and promotion, international distribution and label  administration resp. label service to concert promotion and merchandising as well as  consultance in any area of the entertainment business.   But – our range of expertise does not stop here. Audio and video production coordination,  publishing administration and royalty accounting, sales marketing, packaging, logistics as well  as graphic design are also part of our daily lives.  With a vast variety of top–notch partners in all fields, HONX MUSIC and associates can assist  you in maximizing your revenue, freedom and independency in what you're doing.   Due to our long lasting career in the entertainment business we were able to establish a  premium network of distinguished and dedicated, reliable and honest people and companies  which enables us to provide you with the best handling, conditions and quality for your product. HONX MUSIC and its dedicated team is there to give YOU the maximum of service and know-  how to comply with the new challenges in the world of entertainment.  HONX MUSIC - Music Management - Label Service - Publishing NEWS (c) 2012 Honx Music Haftungsauschluss/Impressum