Our Services Artist Management  Project Management  Marketing & Promotion  Entertainment Consulting  Label Service  Music Publishing  Distribution Digital Distribution  Merchandising  Production Administration  HONX MUSIC - Services Artist Management  For us Artist Management means to work with the artist on different professional levels to  establish or develop the talent. Consulting in creative processes or business consultancy, an  artist manager is a mentor and a maker who understands the artist's vision and focuses on  the various talents and skills and canalizes the multiple ideas creative heads constantly  produce. Networking, coaching or simple administration are also part of artist management  as well as deal negotiations.   Over the years we have successfully worked with artists and groups such as Norwegian  supergroup a-ha, heavy metal icons Manowar or Peter Tätgren (Pain) as well as symphonic  metal innovators Rhapsody of Fire, HolyHell, jazz artists Culture Clan, singer/songwriters like  Eva, Regy Clasen or Robin Grubert as well as actors like Laurent Daniels or multi-talent and  shootingstar Déborah.  Project Management  Through our long lasting career of project orientated work we established a professional  method to plan and follow up individual procedure within certain projects. From the initial  idea to the ultimate fulfillment we plan out the individual steps in order to reach a defined  goal and make a project live.  Marketing / Promotion  As a proven specialist for marketing, HONX MUSIC can provide you with a custom-made  campaign for your products or business. This includes campaign suggestions and budgeting  as well as the complete execution and monitoring of all means.  In synergy with a creative promotion freelancer team, not only in Germany, but also  throughout Europe – we will provide you with a promotion planning, work and reporting you  will feel comfortable with for your product.  Looking back at a long career in promoting artists of all kind such as Madonna, Phil Collins,  Aerosmith, and many others, we have a great expertise in setting up the right timing to  maximise the synergetic effects of all different media types, from press to TV, from online  promotion including social networks to radio.   Entertainment Consulting  The Entertainment Business grows each year and constantly develops new challenges for the  artists, the agents and other business associates. To cope with these challenges everybody  involved needs to be up to date with know-how and procedures within the business. Be it tax  relevant questions around a tour, release strategies or distribution channels - we are experts  in many questions around the entertainment business and if we happen to not know about a  single thing, we definitely know who to ask.  Label Service  Starting or being a label, you know how costly that adventure can be. Especially, when you  plan on doing this abroad.   We have a solution: We can be your European division, which is handling all of your business  in your interest by providing you with an existing infrastructure, a professional team of  specialists and all-rounders, implementing your visions and your policies to the market by  having complete control over costs and structure. International label management means  also international synergies and coordination so all territories serviced are on the same page.  Music Publishing  Monitoring, administration and collecting all related royalties on behalf of the copyright  owner, the composer or writer is our service for the creative professionals. Song placement  and synchronization in movies, TV-shows, games, records are just a few marks on our field  of activities to work with the songs.  Distribution  Imagine you can get a higher income from each product you sell whilst still having complete  control of the product, the terms, the packaging and the sales reports on a monthly basis  (sometimes even daily).  With our service of a complete distribution administration you will be able to get all of these  benefits for you and your product.  A network of strong, dedicated and reliable distribution partners within Europe and also  connections to Asia or US/Canada as well as a portfolio of professional, reasonable and fast  replication outlets will support you in any way possible to achieve your goal.  With no doubt our clients benefit from our expertise and market knowledge so we can –  together with our clients – tailor the product and campaign to their needs and vision.  Further benefits are   * simultaneous releases  * full package control and artistic freedom  * transparent reporting on monthly or even daily basis  * complete control of marketing   * complete cost control  Digital Distribution  Days are gone where you can ignore new technologies and download options. Even if the  download figures are not yet compensating the decrease of physical product the way goes  towards download. So why not taking benefit of a release strategy, custom-made to your  needs, vision and target group. With our network of aggregators throughout the world we  are able to upload meta files by a click to certain platforms which are suitable for your music  or – to all of them.   It is your own decision.   In creating marketing and promotion campaigns together with download portals by using  easy-to-install widgets and personal relationships, your creative work will be served best.  And - the reporting is clear and transparent with your own B2B access.  Merchandising  With our network of professional printers, brokers and manufacturers (also in Asia) we can  provide you with a full service in the merchandising area. From graphic design to high  quality multiple colour T-Shirt prints, from creating and administrating your own web-store  to the logistic part of order fulfilment including payment procedure– we can help you to be in  control and maximize your success.  Production  From recording (studio and mobile recording units) of sound and video, to post production  and editing, from CD/DVD-packaging to sales displays, promotion gimmicks and sales and  promotion tools - due to our in-house facilities and wide network of musícians, producers,  suppliers we guarantee for a professional and reasonable handling of all productions.  Administration  Royalty accounting. Budgeting. Cost reporting. Tax consultancy in the entertainment  industry, especially touring.  These are only a few of the topics of our professional administration service.  TOP TOP TOP TOP NEWS (c) 2012 Honx Music Haftungsauschluss/Impressum